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Have you ever loved someone so much that the fear of losing them kept your deepest darkest secrets buried?

That fear has been plaguing Rodger for years. On one hand is his beautiful wife Stacey, whom he loves more than life itself. On the other is the desire to live out a fantasy he could no longer ignore.

One night alone on a business trip, he takes action to bring the fantasy into reality, positive he can keep it a secret. But when everything goes wrong and his secret comes out only one-question controls his thoughts…. Will he still be the same man In Her Eyes?

This 9600 word, emotional and steamy tale of a man torn between the love of his life and the desire to kneel before a dominate woman includes willing bondage, a powerful dominatrix, and a wife hearing her husbands femdom fantasy from someone other than him. Don’t miss her reaction when he returns home. Mature audiences only!



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Welcome to my world of books for your sexual desires!
 Among my books you will find scenarios for all tastes, from powerful alpha males, billionaire kink, spanking and submission,  curious lesbians, femdom humilitation, right down to monsters and tentacle fantasies.
 Feel free to browse and let your dreams run wild. It is my sincerest hope that you find something you enjoy as much as I did in the creation of each and every published piece.


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