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After Terry’s fantasy life had been discovered by his dearly beloved in Wife In Charge, things around the house seemed to be in a constant state of change. Save one little detail- There was no doubt who was in control!

Now Terry struggles to accept the changes that his wife turned Mistress often reminds him- He Wanted!

With inner turmoil boiling over, and a knack for failing his Mistress, the entire world is about to spin out of his control. But not to worry, Mistress Tonya has a very good grip on everything!

Dawn Of a New Era is an 8200 word continuation of Terry’s on going struggle between the reality he has left behind, and a new reality based on the fantasy he had dreamed about for so many years. It is a tale filled with BDSM, Femdom, and discipline from a woman who knows exactly what she wants.



“Let’s get you out of that chair shall we,” she asked rhetorically as she leaned down to free his legs.

Something inside his brain registered a red flag. Never before had Tonya been so nice when he was being punished. There had to be something going on… but what?

That was a question he could not ask without severe repercussions. Experience had taught him to keep his mouth shut and not ask those types of questions. He would have to wait until she chose to share whatever secret she had up her sleeve.

With muscles nearly lifeless from so long in one position, Terry’s body slithered off the chair and onto the floor at the feet of his Mistress by no will of his choosing.

“Ready to kiss my feet and ask forgiveness are you,” she chided.

The crumpled form on the floor uttered the proper answer… “Yes Mistress.”

“Gather yourself, when I get back I expect you kneeling proper,” she said and headed for the stairs.

A click from the lock told him that she was not finished with him yet...


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